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Exxtra Foxx Music LLC was started by Linda Lou McCall and her late husband, Louis A. McCall Sr., founder and drummer of the popular R&B band Con Funk Shun.  Linda Lou brings over 40 years experience in many areas of the entertainment industry and Louis' negotiating skills and business acumen was unparalleled at a time when the business of music was purposely kept away from urban artists.  So Linda Lou went to University of Davis School of Law to learn Entertainment Law, Contracts, and Copyright Law to assist her husband in his work, in addition to becoming an American Federation of Musicians licensed booking agent, which enabled her to book the group-s first major national tour resulting in the first of 4 back-to-back Gold Albums and a Billboard "#1 with a Bullet" hit single.  

In 1981, Exxtra Foxx Music LLC was first a Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) music publishing company formed to handle the songwriting efforts of Linda Lou and Louis, along with songwriters signed to the company.  Its catalog includes Con Funk Shun songs like "Bad Lady", "California 1", "Promise You Love", "Honey Wild", "I Think I Found The Answer", "T.H.E. Freak" and "Welcome Back To Love", along with "My Child" by All4One, and "Kush" by Lil Wayne, to name a few.  In 1992, the McCall's started an ancillary arm of Exxtra Foxx Music, dedicated to networking and passing on projects to her many friends and business colleagues who needed work.  Called The Entertainment Qartel, the company was dedicated to never turning a job down.  With an industry-wide reputation of "always getting the job done", Linda Lou was often contacted by potential clients looking for specialized help.  If she or Louis were not the best persons for the project, they always knew someone who could handle the work in the same detail-oriented and professional manner that the McCalls were known for.  Over the years, we have provided comprehensive consulting services in music business administration, entertainment marketing and promotion, and song publishing, including support with sample clearances, copyright administration, and song placement.  The company's "MaxxTraxx Tracking Reports", initially custom-designed for Anthony Daughtry's Streetwise Promotions street team in the SF/Oakland area soon became the industry standard, insisted on by every major label for use by its street teams.

In 1997, EQartel joined forces with newly-appointed National Director of Street Promotions, Anthony "AD" Daughtry, to put together the first full-service street team under the auspices of Interscope's Jimmy Iovine.  There the teams - 26 in 24 major markets - were integral in the success of the debut albums of Eminem, Mya, The Black Eyed Peas, Eve, the Ruff Ryders, and the "Bulworth" and "Rugrats" soundtracks - all of which were certified Platinum or multi-platinum by the Recording Institute Association of America (RIAA).  Although promotion was not her forté, being a business woman and legal mind most of her career, Linda Lou was given Atlanta - the home of the annual black Spring Break "Freaknik" festivities and the upcoming hip-hop mecca.  Her team The Rhyme Scene Unit Street Guerrilla Task Force, headed up first by Darryl Board then Danny Blaq, became a force to deal with throughout "The Dirty South'.  After AD went on to Warner Bros. Records, Linda Lou kept the original street team together, building it into the most respected and powerful national street marketing team in the business - before or since.  Its comprehensive marketing strategies, custom designed for the needs of each individual artist, were unprecedented.

The recent work taken up by Exxtra Foxx Music includes negotiating with and collecting long unpaid royalties from major record labels for award-winning producers.  

Now, Exxtra Foxx Music LLC, includes a cadre of award-winning industry professionals with more than 50 years in all phases of the music business.  Our esteemed Board of Advisers consist of men and women experienced in every area of the entertainment industry - from recording to films, from print media to television.   Over the years we've worked with or for just about every popular artist in the past 5 decades and, with our outstanding networking skills, we continue to be an unstoppable force.  If Linda Lou doesn't know the answer in 60 seconds or less, she has only to make a phone call to fulfill your music business and marketing needs!


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